About Us

SkinLeaf’d Inc. is an independent skincare company committed to cultivating small batch products that are skin friendly, performance driven, and mindfully formulated to exceed all expectations.

At SkinLeaf’d, we are steadfast in our mission to be more than just another skincare company. Each product in our skincare line is carefully created with the highest quality ingredients offering unique, multi-tasking phyto-infused skincare solutions combined with safe, evidence-based high performance actives (such as Vit. C and Hyaluronic Acid) to improve skin texture, elasticity, and overall skin health.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia and serving a global community of skincare aficionados, SkinLeaf’d is driven by the notion that while skincare can bring out the very best in each of us, true beauty comes from respecting ourselves and our environment enough to choose products and ingredients that are considered ethical and sustainable. We choose eco certified, fair trade and certified organic ingredients whenever possible. 

Founded by Donna Mejia-Ordas, a certified skincare formulator and a chartered herbalist, SkinLeaf’d believes in the power of high-quality botanicals. Her own skin journey was full of trials like outbreaks, dry, sensitive, wrinkles & blemishes, which made her understand the pain of having a problem skin. She diligently develops skin-friendly formulas and loves to help people reach the goals of healthy youthful skin.